About Us


IOB is an educational institute for the students of 1st to 10th standard. Here, Immense means enormous, Opleiding means education and Brainery means institute. So, the meaning of IOB is an institute, which provides the education of top level.

Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Though, the meaning of education is not only to attain knowldge but to be happy, to make other people, living in a society, interacting with the society, facing the challenges, learning about the awareness and understanding the environment. Educational methods include teaching, training storytelling, discussion and directed researches. Keeping these things in mind, IOB helps the students to reach their goals. So, the aim of IOB is to provide the best education along with a personality development by which our students can succeed in their life with a perfection.

About Us



    IOB’s vision is to provide an accurate and strong basic education within 1st to 10th standard, so that every student can make his life successful through a perfect base.


    IOB’s mission is to create an excellency in each student through collaboration, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We do it by developing integrated, interactive, involved and caring relationships among teachers, students, guardians and employees.


    Enrich the student’s experience by creating a collaborative community that fosters a balanced and purposeful life.

    Prepare and engage students and staff to lead, learn and live in a global society.

    To use modern instructional techniques and technology to the best advantage so as to enhance and enrich student’s achievements of their educational and career goals as well as socio-economic development of the country.


IMMENSE OPLEIDING BRAINERY is an education point for the students of 1st to 10th standard. It executes the noble task of conveying interactive, catholic and loftiest education to the students.

At IOB, we strive to provide you the proper knowledge with a perfect base, so that you can achieve success in your life. We believe that as an educational institute, it is our duty to not only to enable the students to aggregate knowledge but also to attain the positive attitudes with bright minds.

Our faculty is a team of proficient individuals with experiences in their belonging field and we take it as our duty to patronize the students with personalized study material depicted on the basis of specific subject that the students undertake.

We hope that the students of IOB achieve their aim with the help of our guidance and their smart work.